The history of the world (based on banalities)

The history of the world (based on banalities)

A seemingly ‘banal’ youngster’s ambitious, ‘highly gifted’ mother is dangerously ill. 
He decides to isolate himself from the outside world and spend the very last months of his mother’s life looking after her.
Not that she ever did anything like that for him...

Starting from run-of-the-mill situations and objects, the young man embarks on a quirky voyage through his mother’s past, and that of the world.

A theatre-cum-musical adventure by Johan De Smet and Titus De Voogdt: 
about essence and banality,                                       
about how our own world and the outside world change when we lose a loved one, 
about how a seemingly grey and ordinary individual can make a difference.


++ 'The history' won the 'GOUDEN KREKEL 2014', a theatre award for the most impressive youth production
++ Winner Fringe First Award at Festival Fringe Edinburgh (2015), prestigious festival award for excellent new theatre work.


**** While the story is of loss, and a failure to connect, it is evoked with such invention and with such a lively, questing, unsentimental voice that it is a delight to watch. THE SCOTSMAN - Susan Mansfield

****1/2 In A History… he (Titus De Voogdt) commands the stage on his own, conjuring up a beautiful performance  in the process… This play by the man with the child in his eyes offers each of us something to enthuse or grow silent over: (painful) jokes, sadness, romance, introspection, poignancy… are strung together in a masterly, perfectly natural fashion.  DE MORGEN - Jan De Smet

**** … a sparkling, shimmering performance.  DE STANDAARD – Geert Van der Speeten

**** A fast-paced gem about having to say goodbye to your nearest and dearest; so fast-paced that we are moved and can, all of us, identify with it. And so full of quick-witted, comical play (on words) that it yields dazzling theatre. – Els Van Steenberghe

DIRECTOR: Johan De Smet
TEXT: Johan De Smet, Titus De Voogdt
PLAY: Titus De Voogdt
LIVE MUSIC: Geoffrey Burton/Boris Zeebroek
SCENOGRAPHY: Johan De Smet, Titus De Voogdt, Jeroen Doise, Karel Clemminck, Sebastien Van Huffel
LICHT DESIGN: Jeroen Doise
SOUND DESIGN: Korneel Moreaux
TECHNIQUE: Jeroen Doise, Korneel Moreaux, Sebastien Van Huffel
thanks to Peter Higgs, Theater Antigone, Germaine Van De Velde