In de voorstelling wordt een beetje tekst gebruikt.
De tekst begrijpen is nuttig maar niet noodzakelijk om te volgen.

KOPERGIETERY, KGbe, I SOLISTI & makemake produktionen

Our society is changing at an incredible speed. Everything suddenly seems to be automated and digitized. Sometimes even our emotions. A violent but also exciting world to be young now!


Ghent football dads and their children fillets cultural differences, gender stereotypes, (un)shared sports dreams. A compelling match full of absurd rituals, hilarious jinks and tackles, two feet forward! 

KOPERGIETERY, KGbe & Victoria Deluxe

In the summer of 2019, eight young people from the Theater Ateliers of KOPERGIETERY, Victoria Del


Roman Van Houtven and Marieke Dermul go into hiding in the hinterland of fashion, nightlife and the emotional hunger of young people. Place to be: Club Toulouse!

Les pieds dans le vent


Pencil. Karandash.