Gran - the Godmother

Gran - the Godmother

You truly get to know a person when there’s money involved. 
Masks come off.
People stop speaking their minds.
And those minds can be filled with horrible thoughts.
Poisonous thoughts…
Merciless thoughts…
You say things you regret later…
Money clearly does talk:

A family saga:
Dad’s dead.
Mum’s alive.
One son has stayed, the other one’s left.
Every year they meet up. Once.
Mum’s golden rule.
A picture is taken to mark the occasion.
Under the weeping willow... the one Grandad planted with his own hands...
Then the shit hits the fan...


A family epic by Jan Sobrie and Johan De Smet.


**** “Jan Sobrie has always been a good play writer, with Johan De Smet he now created a proper well-made play … It is hard to say whether 'Gran’ is a thriller, a melodrama or a black comedy but the director clearly challenges the boundaries between ‘soapy' and ‘spooky'. ... The performer’s acting skills are exemplary for what theatre should stand for.” DE STANDAARD, W. HiIllaert

“Sobrie is a genius in letting his characters flash back and forward. He does so in a language that is both juicy and poetic.” KNACK, E. Van Steenberghe

CREATION: Johan De Smet & Jan Sobrie
PLAY: Reinhilde Decleir, Laurence Roothooft, Lukas Smolders, Jan Sobrie
ART DIRECTION: Giovanni Van Hoenacker
LIGHT DESIGN: Jeroen Doise
SOUND DESIGN: Korneel Moreaux
TECHNIQUE: Helmi Demeulemeester, Koen Demeyere, Bardia Mohammad, Sebastien Van Huffel
WITHE THE SUPPORT OF: Het Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren